Learn seamanship skills that will allow you to expand your horizons safely and enjoy time with family and  friends while knowing what is necessary and important for your safety, comfort and enjoyment.

Intro to Cruising
Gear, Hull, Rig, Points of Sail, Dynamics, Apparent Wind, Getting There and Back

Basic Systems
The Engine, Electrical System, Fresh Water System, VHF Radio, Stoves, Marine Toilet, Bilge, and sail Controls

Preparation to Sail
Weather, Getting Ready, Safety Check, Sailing Environment

Your First Sail
Maneuvering Under Power, Steering, Windage, Stopping, Prop Walk, Leaving the Dock, Hoisting the Main, Hoisting the Jib, Sailing Up Wind, Sailing Down Wind, Tacking, Jibing, Lowering the Sails, Returning to the Dock, Slip or Mooring, Securing the Boat

Improving Your Skills
Adjusting Sail Shape, Shortening Sail, Changing Sails, Anchoring, Docking and More Docking, Knots, Coiling and Heaving a Line

The Sailing Environment
Tides and Current, Navigation Rules, Basic Navigation Aids, Situational Awareness

Including Reading a Chart, Planning with a Chart, distance – Speed –Time, Plotting, Way points on a GPS plotter, Danger Bearings

Health and Safety
On Deck Safety, Overboard Rescue Methods, Running Aground, Hypothermia and Heat Emergencies, Steering Failure, Fire Safety, Towing, Flooding, Signaling for Help, Safety Equipment, Federal and State Safety Requirements

Three years of documented sailing experience, or US sailing or ASA basic keelboat certificate.
Ability to swim, good balance and agility, reasonable strength, adequate vision for chart work and keeping watch.

30 hours of Instruction including one overnight and 2 days of cruising, two 3 hour sessions for Piloting and Docking:
$1200 per person Maximum 3 students per session

Call for scheduling
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